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Organic Chia Seeds (200 g)

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Product Description

Be fuelled for the day! A tiny powerhouse, that can help you control your weight and promotes your cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. Super Chia Seeds are incredibly rich with Omega 3, high in protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Perfect choice for weight control program
Low in Glycemic Index which helps smoothing out blood sugar fluctuations
Readily absorbed. No grinding is needed to make its nutrients bioavailable (unlike flax seeds)
Free from glutens

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, having 2669mg per tablespoon, is 2 times richer than 100g of salmon (1300g o-3/100g), which is an excellent source especially for vegetarians.
It contains complete protein providing all the 9 essential amino acids which is equivalent to the high quality protein found in meat, seafood and poultry.
It has fibre content of 6g per tablespoon, same as the amount in 2 apples or 2 bananas.
Calcium content is 1.5 times higher than milk when compared per 100g basis; per tablespoon Chia seeds already provide 80mg calcium
Iron content is 0.9mg per tablespoon while 1 ounce red meat has only 0.6mg, 0.3mg higher than red meat, and is absorbed best when consumed with vitamin C rich foods
Contains various types of antioxidants like quercetic and flavonols.
Pound for pound, Chia stacks up well against other foods


Item No Country of Origin Brand Ingredients
SF02001 Mexico Superfood Organic raw chia seeds