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Everyday Detox and BoostBeauty Slimming Duo 1+1


Professional nutritionists and food specialists from Superfood Lab developed a proprietary concentrated formulation using superfood, probiotics and plant enzymes. By using the freeze dried method to process the ingredients, it keeps all beneficial nutrients and enzymes intact compared to other drying methods. Therefore, the superfood formulation is 10 times more concentrated and with significant results.

Drink day & night to maximize results:

Morning Cleanse; Night Time Rejuvenation

Drink SuperGreen pH in the morning to support the elimination of body toxins and maintain body pH within the ideal balance of pH 7.35-7.44

Drink SuperRed Antiox before bed to boost cell recovery since skin rejuvenation is at its peak during night time. Prolonged consumption of SuperRed both day and night will result in a flawless glowing skin!


SuperRed Antiox —OuterAnti-agingSkin Rejuvenation

Goodness from 26 sources of super antioxidant ingredientsUpgraded33kcal/glass


Antioxidant Level 20 times Higher than Grapes

√Anti-Aging  √Anti-Oxidation  √Promote Blood Circulation 

√Stimulate Collagen Growth  √Improve Skin Elasticity


Upon consumption of SuperGreen pH in the morning for the detox effect and improve the body absorption rate, it is best to consume the upgraded SuperRed Antiox in the evening. The new formulation contains the super antioxidant fruit acai berry, the world’s famous superfood chia seed, the rising superfood star maca and probootic blend. The new combination of 26 ingredients contain a high concentration of antioxidants. Red pigmentations from lycopene and grape seed extract can boost up the antioxidant level to support 3 major health benefits.


1 Day: Stimulate Collagen Growth

Test results show that 1 glass of SuperRed Antiox has an ORAC (Antioxidant Capacity Unit) score 20 times higher than Grapes. A newly added ingredient, organic acai berry is the absolute “holy grail” of beauty and anti-aging. It has one of the highest antioxidant level among all fruits. High levels of antioxidants can support the stimulation of collagen production, strengthen skin structure and elasticity, and eventually slow down the aging process.

2 Weeks: Promote Blood Circulation

Don’t underestimate the other new ingredient, organic chia seed. These tiny little seeds are a powerhouse packed full of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for human health. A small serving can enhance satiety, prevent overeating and assist in weight management. Red superfoods from the SuperRed Antiox formulation such as beetroot, pomegranate and goji berry are known to enrich the blood for women’s health. These red superfoods are also perfect to support the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation from within to get natural pink cheeks.

6 Weeks: Unleash Natural Glowing Skin

Organic maca has been gaining popularity as a powerful superfood in the recent years. It is a natural booster for energy, improve sleeping quality and balance hormones. The new addition of probiotic blend strengthens the digestive tract, avoid harmful microbes and slow down the aging of the digestive system. The foundation for glowing skin is always a healthy gut and a great probiotic blend does make a difference!


SuperGreen pH 7.3 —InnerPrevent Cell MutationDeep Cleanse & Detox

Goodness from 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and greens,only 25kcal/glass

The Perfect Body pH 7.35-7.44

√Detox  √Balance Body pH  √Clear Acne  √Improve Metabolism  √Promote Digestive Health  √Weight Management

Most Powerful Superfood

High in Calcium & Fiber

Binds with Toxins & Heavy Metals

Over 70 kinds of Micro Minerals


1 Day: Deep Cleanse and Detox

Among all 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients, the new formula contains Organic Inulin as Dietary fibers, inulin naturally ferments and feeds the healthy intestinal microflora that populate and improve gut health. Organic Chlorella has one of the most powerful detoxification properties. The thick cell wall structure of chlorella is composed of a fine network of cellulose fiber (sporopollenin). It has the ability to firmly bind with toxins, radioactive substances and heavy metals and eliminate them from the body.

The formulation also contains Kale which is high in vitamins and fiber, it promotes digestive health, deep body cleansing and clears acne.

2 Weeks: Weight Management

SuperGreen pH 7.3 contains various plant enzymes and a newly added ingredient, a Probiotic Culture Blend, containing four types of probiotic. Plant enzymes have the ability to enhance internal body function and metabolism to support weight management and prevent water retention. One of the major ingredients, flaxseed, is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, plant gum and lignan. Lignans can effectively increase enzyme activities to promote the process of detoxification.

6 Weeks: Balance Body pH Level

According to a recent research, most people who live in the city have an acidic body type, which is more prone to diseases. In order to stay away from illness, we should keep our body pH slightly alkaline.
SuperGreen pH 7.3 improved to an upgraded alkalizing formula with Strong Alkaline Forming PRAL of -137.65. The latest exclusive formula contains 28 powerful superfood ingredients.

Coral calcium is one of the active ingredients among the 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and greens from SuperGreen pH 7.3. It contains over 70 kinds of micro minerals with a slightly alkaline pH level (pH 8.6), a small amount can effectively balance pH levels of human body fluids. Another main ingredient, Organic Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria, is known as the most powerful and comprehensive superfood in the 21st century. Its thin cell wall makes it highly water-soluble and digestible with a 95% bioavailable rate. Spirulina can also help balance body pH to an ideal alkaline level (pH 7.3), boost up the immune system and prevent cell mutation.


Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (8g) of SuperGreen pH or SuperRed Antiox into 250ml of juice or water. Stir or shake well. Drink immediately after preparation. Can consume up to 3 times daily. Children (5-12 yrs): 1/2 to 1 sachet daily.