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Organic Dried White Mulberries (Raw) (60g)

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Delicious, chewy, sweet and full of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

All in a days work for the Organic Dried White Mulberries these superberries come from the fertile plains of Turkey that provide carbs, protein, fiber, and enough recommended intake of vitamin C for a day.

Anytime you need a mix of sustainable carbs and energy-boosting sugar, go for our Organic Dried White Mulberries!

  • Tree-ripened, hand-harvested, and sun-dried ensures ultimate vitality, freshness and nutrient quality
  • Free of chemical pesticides, sulfur or heavy metals
  • Sustainably farmed in traditional Turkish mulberry groves

Possible Health Benefits:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Improve lipid profile
  • A quick vitamin C complement
  • May control tumor migration
  • May improve appearance of wrinkles
  • May improve fatty liver
  • Reduce pigmentation of skin


Suggested Use: As snack and can be put in trail mixes, desserts, and a wide variety of recipes

Item No Country of Origin Brand Packing
SF02012 Turkey Superfood Lab 60g