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(Twin Pack) SuperSlim Protein

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Super Slim Protein™ is a superior high protein product designed for those who wish to pursue a healthy body weight with muscular definition and firm body shape. Super Slim Protein is specifically formulated with Superfoods + Probiotic Cultures + Plant Enzymes and Vegan Proteins.  This innovative formula is good for enhancing lean muscle growth, boost fat metabolism, probiotic balance, and maintaining a strong immune system.  More protein intake can lose more fat and help your body repairs and muscle firming after exercise. Chasing after slimness is no longer your goal, possessing health and energy shall be the milestone to weight management.
Low fat, Low Sugar and only 79kcal,

The ingredients of Super Slim Protein including The Superfood- Organic Raw Cacao Powder. It used a cold pressed technology to save the Enzyme and antioxidant in the Cocoa beans. Cocoa Powder give rich and smooth chocolate flavour to Super Slim ProteinTM, supplying only 79kcal, containing a low fat (1.4g/ serve) and sugar (0.8g/serve) content, most suitable for use pre and post exercise or as a tasty snack to replenish energy and satiety during a busy day.

1 Day: Detox and lose belly fat

  • Improving your Gut Health

Probiotics (bifidobacterium lactis, bifidobacterium bifidum) can relieve constipation by balancing gut bacteria.  Results have proved that probiotics can increase bowel activity by 2-4 times per week, improving intestinal peristalsis, bloating and stomach ache.


  • Reduce the Belly Fat

Bromelain is a protein enzyme digesting meat by disintegrating the polypeptides in the long chain protein into basic unit of amino acids.  Amino acids are then readily absorbed by the intestine reducing episodes of indigestion and relieving gassy stomach.


2 weeks: Burn Fat and get a Curvy body

  • Probiotics Inhibit Body Fat Production

There is growing research on the benefits of probiotics and weight management, one of them is by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  20 healthy men were recruited to undergo a 4 weeks high fat high energy diet study.  One group took on a probiotic drink (lactobacillus acidophilus / bifidobacterium longum) and another group without.  The result showed that both groups gained weight. The group without probiotics had body mass increase of 62% more than the group with probiotics.  The increase in body fat was actually 2 times more than the non-probiotics group.

  • Omega -3 to accelerate Fat Burning

Flaxseed known to be high in Omega-3 is good for fat burning, reducing body fat and improving metabolism.  DHA2 in Omega-3 has been proved to increase lipase activity within the adipocyte for the breaking down of fat readily available for body utilization.

  • Papain break down your body fat
    Papain good for breakdown the Neutral Fat and Mast Cell Reducing. Also, the enzyme specifically decomposes lactic acid in muscle and limit the potential of experiencing the effects of DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) after a strenuous exercise.

6 weeks: Muscle Firming and regulate the lean body mass

  • Protein maintains your body in shape
    Pea and pumpkin seed protein are less likely to cause allergy compared to milk or seafood. The rich magnesium content in pumpkin seeds helps regulate normal muscle function which through training firms muscles and shape the body up.  Super Slim Protein has a complete amino acid profile, that affirms muscle growth and repair, lacking in any one of the essential amino acids will hinder tissue development.  This is especially important for vegans who need complete amino acids as they are the building blocks for functional development and immune system.  Having adequate amount of amino acids strengthen muscles, helps energy expenditure and fat utilization, achieving a healthy body shape and wellness.
  • L-carnitine boost your training
    L-carnitine is one of the amino acids that benefits energy by transporting fatty acids and be oxidised to produce fuel. It is a fat-burner and performance supplement that plays a role in energy metabolism and production. It boosts your training and improves recovery.
  • Green tea extract boost the rate fat burning
    Study showed that green tea extract consume before exercise had significant result on boosting fat burning. The fat burning rate was on average 17% higher in group that consume green tea than the placebo group.  Also green tea extract raised insulin sensitivity by 13%, playing an important role in weight loss.
  • Vitamin B group Provide Energy

Vitamin B helps to turn carbohydrates into glucose and transforming fat and protein into energy, ATP providing us strength during training and exercise.