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SuperGreen pH7.3 Travel Sachets 10 x 9g

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SuperGreen pH 7.3 —InnerPrevent Cell MutationDeep Cleanse & Detox

Goodness from 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and greens,only 25kcal/glass

The Perfect Body pH 7.35-7.44

√Detox  √Balance Body pH  √Clear Acne  √Improve Metabolism  √Promote Digestive Health  √Weight Management

1 Day: Deep Cleanse and Detox

Among all 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients, the new formula contains Organic Inulin as Dietary fibers, inulin naturally ferments and feeds the healthy intestinal microflora that populate and improve gut health. Organic Chlorella has one of the most powerful detoxification properties. The thick cell wall structure of chlorella is composed of a fine network of cellulose fiber (sporopollenin). It has the ability to firmly bind with toxins, radioactive substances and heavy metals and eliminate them from the body.

The formulation also contains Kale which is high in vitamins and fiber, it promotes digestive health, deep body cleansing and clears acne.

2 Weeks: Weight Management

SuperGreen pH 7.3 contains various plant enzymes and a newly added ingredient, a Probiotic Culture Blend, containing four types of probiotic. Plant enzymes have the ability to enhance internal body function and metabolism to support weight management and prevent water retention. One of the major ingredients, flaxseed, is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, plant gum and lignan. Lignans can effectively increase enzyme activities to promote the process of detoxification.

6 Weeks: Balance Body pH Level

According to a recent research, most people who live in the city have an acidic body type, which is more prone to diseases. In order to stay away from illness, we should keep our body pH slightly alkaline.
SuperGreen pH 7.3 improved to an upgraded alkalizing formula with Strong Alkaline Forming PRAL of -137.65. The latest exclusive formula contains 28 powerful superfood ingredients.

Coral calcium is one of the active ingredients among the 28 sources of alkalizing ingredients and greens from SuperGreen pH 7.3. It contains over 70 kinds of micro minerals with a slightly alkaline pH level (pH 8.6), a small amount can effectively balance pH levels of human body fluids. Another main ingredient, Organic Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria, is known as the most powerful and comprehensive superfood in the 21st century. Its thin cell wall makes it highly water-soluble and digestible with a 95% bioavailable rate. Spirulina can also help balance body pH to an ideal alkaline level (pH 7.3), boost up the immune system and prevent cell mutation.


Suggested Use

  • Mix with 250ml water, drink with an empty stomach
  • Mix with 250ml water and juice, drink with an empty stomach
  • Add into yogurt
  • Mix with fruit vinegar and water
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