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Shelled Whole Almonds (180g )

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Product Description

Modern snacking pattern is turning to healthier options! Natural, rich yet satisfying snack that is great for your cardiovascular health, blood sugar and even body weight look no further than your Raw Almonds. Raw Almonds can be one of your low carb choices that save you against blood sugar fluctuations, and help sustain your energy levels against diabetes.
Unpasteurized for maximum vitality, freshness and nutrient quality
A healthy choice of snack for the modern life

Very high amount of vitamin E giving 7mg per ounce, reaching almost 50% of the daily recommended intake.
Provides healthy fats, with 65% monounsaturated fatty acids, although not comparable to olive oil (76% monounsaturated fatty acids), but already very high concentration.
High source of blood pressure lowering minerals, like magnesium, potassium, calcium, which helps to relief and relax blood vessels and improves blood flow.
Good source of calcium providing 74mg in every 23 pieces (1oz) which is equals to drinking ¼ cup of milk.


Suggested Use:  As snacks or as a garnish on salads. Can also be put in trail mixes or granolas, or blend into smoothies, nut butter or nut milk.

Item No Country of Origin Brand Ingredients
SF02007 USA Superfood Almonds (Nuts)